Doreen Freeman

Extremely organized and very professional with awesome computer skills. Willing to learn new things and very hands on!

Heather Wexler

Very personable, will get the job done, will work for every penny!

Brittany Sanders

Rachael Feigelson is one of the best people i've had the pleasure of having a transaction with. Rachael was extremely professional, prompt, and most importantly willing to learn. If any item wasnt clear, she did her due diligence to give me the best answer possible. She also expressed a drive and willing to learn items she didn't understand herself. It was very nice to have worked with someone like her. I look forward to many more transactions with her in the future.

Amir Vaziri

Rachael is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever worked with. She maintained a very professional demeanor while still making the job environment enjoyable to work in. She is a great example in the workplace and taught me many skills that I still employ to this day.

Andrew Donahoe

Rachael is so passionate about helping people get into the home of their dreams. She pays attention to the details most overlook. If you want the best of the best, then you have found the right person. Thanks for Everything Rachael